The Bible – Part 1: Overview


I posted this earlier on an INTP forum but wanted to also share here:
In as short of a synopsis as I can, the Bible to me goes like this:
Genesis is the story of God’s love for us in giving us the choice to try it ourselves by our own definitions or just trust him.
Exodus through the rest of the Old Testament shows what happens when we try to relate to God by a rule based system instead of love.
The New Testament shows us how to relate to God by love again. Also, Jesus fulfills and sets aside the old obligation based system.
With that said, I don’t consider myself religious as it is defined today because religion is more about compliance to rules, doctrines, and traditions (a replication of OT ways) rather than just existing in that love relationship with God through Jesus’ completed work.
So I suppose it would depend on how someone looks at the Bible: rule book or love story. Yes there are “rules”, even in the NT, but those are showing us what a Christian might look like, not giving us a template to attempt to replicate externally. These things are only fully accomplished from the inside out, by the Holy Spirit, not the other way around.
With the Bible as it is now, we have all we need to see God’s love for us.

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