Love (Love Part 2)


Often I’m asked by other logically minded people how I can believe in God. However, for me, it is no longer a belief but an experience. This experience is continuous and everlasting with no signs of slowing down. It only continues to grow. I can’t even say I believe in God, I can only say I know God (at least to the extent that my feeble human intellect can comprehend).
I continue to see more and more the depths of God’s amazing love for us through Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s indwelling. Yet, I am only scratching the surface. That love transforms to the extent where I’m shown, little by little, how to love the otherwise unlovable. Even in my failures, Jesus teaches me love. Even when I’m wrong, I learn to love more if I’m willing to grow. The Holy Spirit will quietly whisper all of our lives for us to get out of our rut and grow in love towards God so we can show that love to others. That love extends to atheist, abortionist, homosexuals, and even those who would seek to do us harm. That love has changed me to have more of a desire to lay down my life in love for these same people, even when it isn’t “fair” to me. That’s the type of love Jesus exemplified on the cross and the same love he still exemplifies today. Those are the type of people Jesus attracted while the religious people of his day hated him without reason.
Jesus isn’t about upholding the minimum standards to get into Heaven as to avoid Hell. Jesus is about an all consuming love relationship that removes all of our sin through his sacrifice, keeps us from being re-corrupted by the gift of the Holy Spirit within us, and drives out all fear, even the fear of death. Jesus will never force us into this love relationship though because that wouldn’t be love.

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