The Facade


All my life I’ve been taught to love the part a person plays as though their outward actions always accurately reflect who they really are. An actor on a stage, that’s who I’ve been all my life. Taught to only love those who had the same political views, who looked the same, who acted the same, and who “loved” me back. But when the act is over, who truly loves others for who they are instead of who they’ve been trained to be? When a person’s darkest secrets are revealed, who truly loves them for who they are and who they’ve always been?
Jesus loved those even when their darkest moments were exposed. Yet he hated the facade that some upheld (though he didn’t hate the person).
Most of my life I’ve been told not to sin (as defined by religion) in order not to be condemned. However, Jesus turns this process upside down by saying we are not condemned, therefore we can stop sinning; that’s the freedom he gave us at the cross by outbidding sin and death and paying the ultimate price.

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