The Bible – Part 5: Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph

Like his father, Issac lied about his wife to protect his own life (Genesis 26:6-11). Even though Isaac made mistakes, this didn’t divert God’s plans. God kept his promise to Abraham and his descendants.
We then see Isaac’s sons, Esau and Jacob, contending for birthright. The younger, Jacob, trades Esau his birthright for a bowl of stew. Later, with the help of his mother, Jacob deceives his father to take Esau’s blessing (Genesis 27). Jacob too makes questionable choices. He wrestles with a man all night. This man states Jacob had also been wrestling with God.
Likewise, Jacob’s sons do some rather questionable things like killing the man who had defiled their sister along with his male relatives (Genesis 34). They of coarse also sold their brother Joseph into slavery to Egypt. However, God still keeps his promise to Abraham and his descendants. Joseph rises from a slave to be a ruler of Egypt, second only to Pharaoh. Because of this, he is able to save the very brothers who sold him into slavery, from famine (Genesis 39-50). This was all because of his continued trust in God.
Through all of these events, God still keeps his promises no matter how much Abraham’s descendants messed things up. We see, like with us, it’s wasn’t about their ability to comply, but about God’s promises. No matter how much we mess up, God keeps his promise to us that we are free from sin and made righteous by Jesus.
Genesis ends with Jacob’s entire tribe moving to Egypt with Joseph and tells of the death of them both.
In Genesis, we first see how God creates man into a relationship of love. God gives them the choice to remain in this relationship as he established it or eat from the tree to attempt to do it themselves. We see corruption spread from man’s choice. God’s decides to cleanse the earth. However, God makes promises to Abraham and his descendants. Regardless of their abilities, we see God upholding these promises.

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