Book Review: Finding Church

Wayne Jacobsen has made the first five chapters of his new book available for download in advance of the full release on Oct 15th. Over the past two days I’ve read these chapters and have been astounded. He hits the nail on the head repeatedly of what organized religion has been for the past two thousand years. The free chapters can be found here. I wait in eager anticipation for the release date when I can get my hands on the full book. I encourage anyone who is seeking a real, meaningful, deep relationship with God to review these free chapters. If you aren’t familiar with Wayne’s writing and podcasts, much of this may be shocking but most likely in a pleasantly surprising way. He manages to conjugate very effectively what I’ve personally experienced and knew deep down all my life but could only partially put into words up until now.

One thought on “Book Review: Finding Church

  1. “They may have left your congregation, but how did they leave the church?” Brilliant. None of us who choose to follow Jesus ever leave His church. Thanks for introducing me to these chapters. I’m definitely getting the book.

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