Out of the Box and into Wide Open Spaces

A couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have guessed this is how my life would be going. I had, and still have, my plans, but the way things have panned out has amazed me. I’m not an expert on spiritual matters, especially as it concerns man’s ordination.
For several years I wondered why we would need to be ordained by man if God was calling us to do something. This seems like we are putting our trust in something other than God. I was once told this was to narrow and test people to see who was truly being called, but this hasn’t seemed to work. We are taught a human sin management system instead. I’ve seen those who were truly adamant about spreading the gospel, but were told the only way to do it was by institutional means. Sadly, this places people inside a box and limits them from doing what God may actually want. This was the same type of system devised by the Pharisees. They decided who was worthy to present religious views by their standards, and those who did not agree were ostracized. This included Jesus and the disciples.
The disciples were directly taught by Jesus, but they had no religious seminary training. Why is it that religion today still wants to “train” people? Could it perhaps be that religious institutions have to test to see who is on board, who can be manipulated to tie their financial security to “ministry,” and who will not. It is indeed a sad state of affairs that so many have placed their livelihood in man-made measures instead of Jesus. I realize many are (or feel) trapped now as they have invested many years in the system. Others may know the pitfalls but have been convinced that these ways are the only ways and any other method will fail. This, again, takes the trust away from God’s methods and puts it in the hands of man.
Perhaps the system does work though. Those that cannot in good conscience bind themselves to such ways are the ones who learn to trust in God’s plan more. This place outside of the box can be an amazingly wide open space that leads us into an immense relationship directly with Jesus.

5 thoughts on “Out of the Box and into Wide Open Spaces

  1. As a pastor going through ordination, I have had these same thoughts repeatedly. Its not fun going through a process of examination to do ministry, especially when I’ve been doing ministry already. Unfortunately, its the price that ends up having to be paid. Great post. Thanks for sharing it. God speed in y’alls calling, from an ENTP.

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    • Thanks for commenting. I’ve always been told and even threatened that I can only do ministry through a denomination and by graduating from seminary. For me personally, I’ve been less impeded outside of these institutions. I’ve grown exponentially spiritually and have found that Jesus reaches more people that tend to be isolated from religion through me. There may be ways to reach those by working within the system, but it seems my path has led me away from that.

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      • I totally get where you’re coming from. I have found myself doing ministry work in all sorts of settings, but a single denomination hasn’t been in the cards until more recently. There are advantages to denominations, the rigidity just makes them less easy to notice.

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  2. Hmmm. I think I’d have to disagree that the Great Commission only applies to those who have been ordained. Best of luck to you. Remember that God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called. =)

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    • I agree. I feel much more free and able to do God’s will without the filters in place. When “John” doesn’t get in the way, I’ve seen Jesus do some amazing things through me that wouldn’t have been possible if I had relied on financial stability or religious policies. Thanks for commenting!

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