Priests And Prostitutes, Pharisees And Heresies, And Gatekeepers Of The Kingdom

john pavlovitz


Pastors lie all the time.

Now, they don’t necessarily mean to, but so many of them are hopelessly trapped; stuck in the unreasonable expectations of pewsitters, pressured by perceived competition with other churches, and mired in just plain bad theology.

It all causes them to do some pretty nasty things to the truth: to bend it for attention, to stretch it to rile up the troops, and sometimes, to outright abandon it.

One of the greatest lies so many pastors sell you, is that they know who’s going to Heaven and who’s not.

It’s many church leader’s go-to game; pounding the pulpit, and declaring with unshakeable certainty, who’s in, and who’s out; who’s bound for puffy, cotton candy clouds, and who’s headed for scalding sulphur pools.

This eternal destination-forecasting by pastors, has become so commonplace in the Church, that most people in the congregation accept it all, without realizing the contrary…

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