I Want to Get Dirty

I want to go to where they are.
I want to have that courage to love those that are so often marginalized.
I desire the courage to walk up to a woman coming out of an abortion clinic, hug her, and tell her Jesus loves her while others may yell that he hates her.
I want to stand by the person who has been rejected by his family because of his sexual orientation.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not condoning any of these things. However, I’ve seen the first response in these situations to be hate. Jesus’ response in such situations was love.
We’re too afraid to get dirty. Instead of loving someone in their darkest times, we invite them to a meeting where they are made to feel guilt and shame. Jesus took such guilt and shame onto himself. He wasn’t afraid to get dirty. Regardless of what the religious people of his day thought, he went to the outcasts. He challenged the social mores and turned the tables on the “righteous.” He established an upside-down kingdom where the lowliest servants were the most treasured.
Often, I see the religious holding up a set of rules to show their righteousness while condemning others. We judge those who don’t act like us while carrying the mantra of “don’t judge” when the tables are turned. We use condemnation, the type of judgment Jesus heeds against, while denying others discernment, the judgment Jesus prompts us to so we aren’t deceived by wolves in sheep’s clothing. We are labeled as divisive if we question, yet we only grow spiritually when we are allowed to seek truth.
We’re afraid to get dirty.
We’re afraid to soil our reputation.
We’re afraid to lose our physical comforts–job, car, house, etc…
We’re afraid of ebola, terrorists, immigration, economic collapse, and our political party losing.
Most of all, we’re afraid to just trust and believe in Jesus.
Help me to trust you, Jesus, and not be afraid to let go of worldly things.
Help me not to be afraid of getting dirty.
Jesus, I believe, help my unbelief!

One thought on “I Want to Get Dirty

  1. Oh, Amen and amen! Agree with you 100% on this. We must love people into the kingdom of God, not bash and beat them into it. Until someone sees the heart of Jesus, how are they to know they are loved while they still are sinners? it was the way Jesus turned the existing honor and shame culture on its head. He invited those who were judged by a set of rules into the kingdom with love BEFORE they changed their hearts and ways. So must we.
    Great post. From one introvert to another.

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