Re-reading the New Testament

Over the coarse of the past week or so, I’ve been inspired into another heavy reading cycle. This weekend, I felt prompted to begin re-reading the New Testament. I’ve of coarse been reading portions of scripture daily but now I want to see how all the tidbits I’ve picked up from various sources fit together in the overall story. Over the past 18 months or so, I feel I have grown a lot spiritually–more so than the rest of my 34 years combined. Reading the NT again seems like the next natural step to developing that deeper relationship and understanding with Jesus.
Originally, I was considering writing a brief synopsis of what I’ve learned from each of the major portions of the NT, but I’m discovering so much that I’m not even sure yet how I want to present it. So far, I’m only on Matthew 13 and feeling a bit overwhelmed (how in the world have I missed all this?!) I’m at least trying to finish Matthew (will probably be a few more days) before I post a synopsis as I want to include all the pieces of that whole gospel. Hopefully I will be able to keep the post on point and present the overall picture of what I’ve learned this go around without it being too long and drawn out.

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