Starting to get it….maybe :)

As I’ve spent more time with God, he’s brought me to a few major realizations recently.
The first is that I don’t want to be “right” for the wrong reasons. It seems no one ever reasoned someone into the Kingdom, even if their theology/exegesis/doctrine (or whatever you want to call it) was “right.” I’ve began leaning away somewhat from sharing too many specific Bible interpretations because they may either not be relevant to others yet or a scripture lecture may only push them further away (assuming I’m even right in the first place). Discussion is fine in some circumstances, but more often than not, it can confuse or alienate others.
This leads to the second thing, standing with someone in their afflictions is more important than quoting scripture to them or inviting them to a meeting. Both of these things may have their place, but I’ve noticed most people, Christian or not, are looking for someone to stand with them even if they aren’t “perfect” (however that may be defined per situation). Standing against someone in their “failures” will only push them away either physically or trust-wise. People will not open up if they feel like they are just going to be guilt tripped or beat over the head with scripture. I may, at times, get something from the Bible that will help me and, once applied personally, eventually helps others as they see the results. However, a “Bible says” attitude only seems to alienate, confuse, or make people tone-death to the point of the message being presented.
This leads to the third thing I’ve come to realize which ties back to the first two–unity is better than being right. This doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to something that is obviously wrong or conformance for conformity’s sake. However, we all have shortcomings, none greater or lesser than the others. I’m learning it is better to stand with someone in unity (again, not to be confused with conformity) and help them to deepen their relationship with Jesus. Then, he will help them in his time and in his way.
After over a year of trying to put the pieces together, following Jesus is starting to make sense. It’s more than just Biblical interpretation as there are over 56000 ways to interpret, and we may never come to a solid agreement on those things in this life. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t stand with others, Christian or not, and be receptive to God’s leading in their life. In the end, people will come to/grow in Jesus because of how we showed him in our lives by being there with/for them. This relationship with Jesus and others is unlikely to form though through flexing Biblical knowledge, threats, or flashy services while only relating to those broken on a surface level a couple times a week.
A “safe” environment where we can fail, share our deepest shame, and be loved anyways seems to be what is needed. Imagine if “the church” could be that place.

One thought on “Starting to get it….maybe :)

  1. “unity is better than being right.” Absolutely agree with you. We can argue doctrine all day, but if someone feels unloved, we only serve to separate them from Christ. As you said, once they are in his loving arms, Jesus will help them understand in his time, in his way.

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