The Shack: Second Read Review

The Shack

Initially, I felt led to read this book about a year and a half ago. I wasn’t at all sure of what to expect then.
While I was able to wrap my head around some of the concepts, it deeply challenged much of my Christian-conservative-republican upbringing. Since then, I searched the Bible a lot to see if what The Shack presented could be true and found some correlation. I largely thought that it was an okay story, and I understood the main lesson it seemed to convey: God is love. However, I wasn’t so keen on agreeing with too much else that the book presented. I recommended it to others more as a “read it and see what you think” type book.
I felt led to read it again this pass week and was in tears more times than I could count. I’m astounded by how God has been changing my heart, and this is coming from a deeply introverted/emotionless guy. There are many concepts that God has shown to me over this pass year and a half that I didn’t pick up on, or maybe just refused to, in the initial reading.
I would recommend this book, however, it may be hard to even consider much of what it presents on the initial reading.

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