The Journey So Far


It’s interesting to see how my own thinking and growth have developed just in the months since I’ve started this blog. Topics that I was afraid to explore have become much easier to write about. Perhaps that has been a major purpose of God leading me in this direction so far. In addition, many of my ideals I wrote on have either changed to be more solidified or have become less abrasive for the opposing viewpoints.
I still have several topics I would like to write on, but it seems the timing isn’t right yet. As it has been so far, this could be because I haven’t considered enough of the angles yet and/or I’ve not worked out with God some of my own prejudices and sore spots with these issues.
I don’t have a solid plan on how or what I might write day to day. So far, when I’ve tried to develop a plan or a list of topics to write about, God ends up putting something else on my heart on any given day to explore. Much of what God inspires me to write is relevant to me personally so I suppose this has become a sort of public journal of my growing relationship with, and understanding of, God. Likewise, when I try to write on something that it doesn’t seem God wants me to write on (yet, if ever), I tend not to have the words or just simply lose interest. When it’s something God seems to be talking to me about, the words flow much more freely.
I don’t claim to be right or even have a good understanding of many things. However, it would seem my writing is to flesh much of this out. As I’ve stated previously, if the Bible is to be believed, it has to make some sort of sense overall. It’s impossible to follow two conflicting passages as law and attempt to enforce and defend them to others.
Like in the Bible, I believe God comes to us where we’re at in our current understanding and then points us to a better way one step at a time. Rules that were meant to guide ancient people a single step forward would now seem like major steps back in our current worldview. As humans, we still have a long way to go. It would also seem we stagnate in some ways when we refuse to let go of antiquated worldviews that were not intended to be held on to so tightly.
In summary, I don’t know what tomorrow may hold for me and that’s half the fun of following Jesus. Every new day has its’ surprise twists and turns as characters in God’s grand story of the redemption of all of his creation!

2 thoughts on “The Journey So Far

  1. I feel much the same as you do about blogging and seem to learn as I go. The Lord told me to share things as I understand them until he shows me I am wrong. Mostly I am finding Him building on what I have learned. Reading others blogs are very encouraging and eye opening to me as well. I love blogging!


    • Yes. I love the blog-o-sphere as it seems to be a more well rounded array of viewpoints rather than just being limited to a geographical location’s views. Many posts challenge my default thinking and some hit me right between the eyes.

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