Three Tenets of God

There are three things most Christians would seem to accept about God. However, when thinking more in depth about these, there are some massive contradictions.
These three seem to be:
1. God is all powerful.
2. God is all knowing.
3. God is all loving.
I personally believe all three, but they raise some interesting questions.
If God is all powerful, then isn’t he able to enact a plan to save everyone from hell?
If he can but doesn’t, then is he all-loving?
I believe he has enacted this plan through Jesus. If even a single human goes to hell for all eternity, wouldn’t Jesus’ plan have failed? If God loves each and every one of his creations infinitely, wouldn’t this loss torment him for all of eternity?
Would God create beings knowing in advance that they would go to hell? If so, how is this love?
I’ve seen these questions circumvented by stating humans can’t understand. While it is true that we can’t fully comprehend God, the Bible goes to great lengths to describe him as infinite love, power, and knowledge. Many have tried to manipulate God’s character for their own ends, but are only left with a loveless, powerless, and/or ignorant god. Is it any wonder people have trouble believing in that kind of god?
God is love, and he has a plan for humanity conceived from that love.
He has the knowledge and power to bring that plan to ultimate fruition.
This I believe.

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