Don’t believe me!

What? What’s the point of me posting these blogs if I’m not trying to convince people that what I’m writing is right?
Why bother if I don’t want others to believe the words and logic I use to make my case?
What I desire is that everyone comes to have a direct relationship with Jesus. I desire that people are in constant communion with God; that everyone is free to ask the troubling questions they’ve been made to bury deep in their heart. I try to ask those questions so that others are less afraid to.
I desire that people have a joy of reading the Bible and that they can freely ask God who he really is.
There are many troubling passages out there and I state my view on the harder issues that are often ignored. This is mainly for those who have those same questions buried deep but don’t know how to ask and have been made to fear even considering them.
I desire that everyone come to the freedom and joy of a real relationship with Father, Son, and Spirit that is known by living it and not because it is confirmed by man’s external rituals.
I could attempt to write hundreds of books and thousands of blog posts, but they won’t make a single bit of difference until someone wants that relationship with God themselves. No amount of good points or logical analysis will do that for someone. It might start in the head, but the decision has to reach the heart. Otherwise, it’s just dead words on a page, the same way the Bible can be if it is read that way, becoming a boring obligation. If it doesn’t invade the heart, it won’t be lived; and if not lived, others won’t be convinced no matter how many words are used.
This isn’t just for outward appearances though. People are smarter than that. Most can tell a fake and will be repulsed. This isn’t an overnight transformation either. It is a slow renewing of the mind where the Holy Spirit rewrites the default patterns of the world we’ve become accustomed to.
Don’t believe me though. Follow God. Ask him anything. He’s big enough to handle it!

4 thoughts on “Don’t believe me!

  1. The whole reason I started writing my own blog was to correct some of the misconceptions about Christianity, the church, and many other topics so that people can have a better understanding of what being a Christian is all about, or should be about, and develop a true relationship with Jesus for themselves. I am aware that not everyone shares the same views on these things as I do, but that’s for them to decide and not for me to push on them. I applaud what you are doing and I wish there were more of us out there trying to get truth out to those who seek it. The goal is for us to bring others to Christ. Not by force and not by intimidation or slick words. The truth stands on its own. It is not for us to convince others of, but merely to present it. I think many people are afraid to ask the tough questions, because of what others including other Christians, may think of them. But when we question, when we dig deeper, and when we want to know more, it shows that we are genuine and truly want to know what it is like to be a follower of Christ. And no, I don’t believe you…but I do agree with you 🙂

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    • Thanks. From what I’ve heard, there are millions of us out there trying to present a direct relationship with Jesus. Mostly, though, we get wrote off as heretics by the majority or agreements with lots of “buts” attached to redirect people back to obligation to the institutions. It can be saddening, but I do it for those who are seeking regardless if I’m accursed for it.


      • It’s true, there are lots of people trying to get the truth out there. Unfortunately, many of us give up when we’ve been shot down by the followers of the mainstream version of Christianity. It seems like only a few stick with it and push on regardless of condemnation. That’s really too bad. I know I’ve been there, keeping quiet as not to offend. I want others to know they are not alone and that not all Christians are the same. Not all conform to man’s ways and not all are hateful people, as some would suggest. Because so many people only know the mainstream variety, we are all lumped in together. People I know who have said they believe in God but couldn’t be Christians because of this reason or that reason, are surprised to learn that I am a Christian. They find it hard to believe because I’m nothing like what they’ve come to know and despise. It’s so important for us to keep going against the grain and to get our voice out there. We are being drowned out by the voice of those comfortable in their traditions and the voice of the people the haters refer to as “oh, you’re one of those people.” I know there are many of us out there, but it seems like so few when you read the news or listen to the people around us. I feel we are being called to do this. We are being called to stand up and call out those who do and say horrible things in the name of Christ. There is but one truth and that truth needs to be heard by all who are willing to lend an ear.

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      • Very well stated! I’m learning to be more bold at Jesus’ guidance. Perhaps those that are in a spiritual rut and those who want nothing at all to do with Christ because of many that use his name inappropriately, will see him through me. All in all, I just keep enjoying that relationship and not letting those that are envious drag me back to such dead ways of trying to live.


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