A Beautiful Experience

First, I want to state that this isn’t bragging on something that I did. This is stating something that I happened to experience with God. It had little to do with my actions other than I’ve been seeking a deeper relationship with Father, Son, and Spirit. I will keep the details generic as to not bring attention to those that may not want it.
I was talking with someone recently about the Bible. The things we were discussing wouldn’t be allowed in most traditional congregations and would probably be labeled as heresy or something. I don’t want to discuss the details of the question that came up because I’m still trying to process the answer we received myself. When the question was raised, a question I had contemplated but had no real answer for other than the standard line most know, I found myself giving an amazing answer that I had to struggle to comprehend. Profound words that weren’t mine, coming from my mouth. We both set in stunned silence for a few seconds as neither of us was expecting what we heard.
Now, the answer itself was amazing, but equally awesome was that the Holy Spirit spoke through one of us in such an amazing way. I’ve experienced this personally in bits and pieces, but never so profound. I was both humbled and thrilled to experience that. The words could have just as easily come from the other person’s mouth in the conversation.
It is amazing the place God has led me. More and more I find myself ostracized from popular Christianity but experiencing an ever growing relationship with Jesus. I don’t say these things to brag on myself, but to present the type of relationship that Father wants with us, his children. A direct relationship where he is free to move and be among us even if it is only 2 or 3 that are gathered.
Now, anyone reading this can throw out anything I’ve just written. I would half expect it as I probably would be skeptical of someone claiming the same thing. I would only like to say, whether this story can be believed or not, that God does and will speak through those that are willing to let him lead them, and it will likely be shockingly beautiful when it happens.

5 thoughts on “A Beautiful Experience

      • Oh yes, I’ve had that happen too. I’ll add in my 2 cents and immediately I’m hit with “Do I really have anything to say that could possibly be any better than the Holy Spirit?” But yes it’s amazing not only because He’s speaking thru you, but it’s also mind blowing reminder that He’s ALWAYS there. He’s participating in the conversation as much as you were with your friend…. awwwesome

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    • Thanks. I’m still considering the full weight of it, which has caused me to do more research to see how it ties into several other things from the Bible. It’s also one of those type things that could either be considered heresy or embraced as amazing depending on how people view God and interpret the Bible, not that I would be discouraged from writing about it if God prompts me to.

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