The Temple’s Destruction

I came across a statement yesterday that made a good point in the line of reasoning I’ve been researching lately. It reminded me of something Col. Quaritch said in Avatar: “The hostiles believe that this mountain territory is protected by their… deity. And when we destroy it, we will blast a crater in their racial memory so deep, that they won’t come within 1,000 klicks of this place ever again.” This seems to be what Rome was going for during the war in 66-70 AD—destroying the center of the Jewish faith to demoralize and scatter them. Saying that the two times the temple was destroyed (first by Babylon in the Old Testament) were major events to Israel is almost an understatement. These would have been events of a magnitude that would have echoed throughout their entire society for centuries.
So what’s my reasoning for pointing this out?
One of the more popular traditional views is that Revelation was written in 95/96 AD and speaks to future events (i.e. The Rapture, the “Left Behind” series). There’s one huge catch to me though. The New Testament, including Revelation, from this viewpoint, doesn’t speak anything of the (past) war of 66-70 AD which would have been far more relevant to the recipients of that time. This leads me to believe that all of the New Testament was written before the war and the prophetic passages were speaking of its’ coming. Why would such a major event not be mentioned in any of the Bible as a past occurrence? For me, seeing the Jerusalem/Temple invasion as being a prophecy that was going to happen soon (Rev 1:1, 22:20Matt 16:28, 24:34) seems far more accurate as to what is actually written. Why would the Roman invasion of Jerusalem not be mentioned at all in the New Testament other than a future event especially since most everything else relevant to Jewish society was? If any of the New Testament was written after 70 AD, surely it would make some mention of the Roman invasion and the temple’s destruction.
Yes, I know this can sound radical. Yes, I know it’s challenging. Yes, I know this opens up a whole lot of if/then scenarios. I’ve been considering this for a few months now and isn’t a conclusion I came to lightly. However, it is a conclusion I personally accept that seems to align with everything else going on in the Bible. As usual, you can throw this whole idea out as heresy if you wish. I encourage not just taking my word for it but researching for one’s self.

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