Love NEVER fails!

Is this true?
Does love fail?
Isn’t God love?
Does God fail?
What is God’s plan?
and through him to reconcile all things to himself, by him, whether things on the earth, or things in the heavens, having made peace through the blood of his cross.—Colossians 1:20
Is God really interested in reconciling all or is it just rhetoric?
Have we really studied the Bible and what was meant?
When we say, “The Bible clearly says” have we clearly understood what the Bible was actually saying?
Are we using scripture to justify ourselves while condemning others?
Is that what the Bible is for?
Are we truly ready to be judged in the same way and by the same measure that we judge (Matt 7:2)?
Is there any darkness in God (1 John 1:5)?
Why do we continue to resist what the Bible says?
Did Jesus really represent the Father in bodily form (John 14:7)?
Why do we continue to insist that God is malevolent and that Satan will win the majority of souls in hell?
Why do we continue to believe Satan has any such power to ruin even one single part of God’s ultimate plan?
If we continue to insist this, aren’t we insisting that God loses?
Can any single part of God’s plan fail in the end?
Why do I ask such things? I truly believe that God is love, that God does not and will not fail—that love wins, completely, in the end! I believe in the power of love to win everyone!
Is that too much to hope for?
Is God not also the God of infinite hope?
Are we limiting our love by insisting that this can’t be?
Are we attaching “buts” to water down God’s love—to bring God’s infinite power into our human forms of justice, revenge, and limitation?
Do we dare to truly believe that God is infinitely powerful, infinitely merciful, and infinitely loving?
What would be the result if we truly had that kind of faith—that God is love without limits?

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