There is NO fear in love! (1 John 4:18)

But what about all those other times the Bible talks about “Fearing the Lord?”
Could there be two different meanings or perceptions of fear?
Is fear of God more of a reverent, mouth agape, awe of God’s majesty and beauty or is it a fetal-position-inducing scariness that causes us to be obligated instead of in love?
Can we ever truly love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, strength, and mind (Luke 10:27) if we are afraid of him?
We may attempt to serve him with everything we are, but is that being in love with him or a performance to attempt to gain acceptance by works and rituals?
If we’re honest with ourselves, is our “love” for God out of fear of punishment and obligation or truly because we are in an ever-joyful love relationship with him?
Is there really no fear in love?
Could we be confusing what fear is and presenting our beloved Father as a monstrosity?
Does our malformed view of God cause us to try to fear others into our man-made kingdoms and hate those that refuse to be manipulated by such a skewed view of him?
Can we blame non-believers for not wanting to believe in such a fear inducing being?
Personally, I could never truly love God with everything I am while simultaneously being terrified of him. As I fell more in love with him, I saw that my terror of him was ill-conceived (Isaiah 29:13). I do “fear” the Lord, but it is because I am amazed by the inconceivable depths of his love, power, grace, and mercy. It’s salvation I work out with reverent awe and excited trembling (Philippians 2:12).
Does obligation grow from a love relationship, or are we trying to obligate ourselves and others into loving God?
Is that the love relationship Jesus presented?
Could we be putting the cart before the horse by trying to “do” before we learn to love (1 Cor 13:1-3)?
Are we pursuing righteous because we are afraid of slipping up and falling away into hell, or are we so in love with God that we have an assurance that we will be with him always (Romans 8:38-392 Cor 1:22)?
Is our service to God out of fear of punishment (1 John 4:18), or because he loves us and that has caused us to fall in love with him?

3 thoughts on “There is NO fear in love! (1 John 4:18)

  1. I always loved that the Father told Jesus he was his beloved Son with whom He was well pleased BEFORE Jesus began his ministry. We are God’s beloved sons and daughters; He is well pleased with us without our service to Him. His love casts out fear. If we still live our lives out of fear, we have not accepted His unconditional, all encompassing love. And once we accept it, we can make no other choice but to give it away.

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