How To Talk About Your Religious Beliefs (And Not Be A Total A-Hole)

Wow. Some very valuable points here.

john pavlovitz


I’m going to Hell.

I know, because several times a week someone (usually a relative stranger) alerts me to this fact.

Now, most people would take offense at another’s announcement of their own personal damnation or at least be mildly insulted by the messenger, but I always receive this news with a rather soothing mix of peace and genuine gratitude. Firstly, I am keenly aware that someone else’s belief about the ultimate destination of my soul has no actual bearing no whether or not I will indeed burn for all eternity. Secondly, if they do truly believe this, I feel strangely indebted to them for alerting me of the matter.

People ask me all the time how I can regularly interact with passionate people whose religious views are so very different from mine. (Actually, they usually ask how I can deal with “those ignorant morons” but you get the point)…

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