Throw out the Old

I was reading Galatians chapter 4 last night and came across an interesting concept. I’ll try to be as direct as possible with the gist, but the entire passage spans verses 21-31. For brevity’s sake, I’ll list the main theme, but please review the entire passage at your convenience.
Abraham had two sons…the son by the servant was born according to the flesh, but the son by the free woman was born through promise…an allegory, for these are two covenants. One is from Mount Sinai, bearing children to bondage, which is Hagar…and answers to the Jerusalem that exists now, for she is in bondage with her children. But the Jerusalem that is above is free, which is the mother of us all….we, brothers, as Isaac was, are children of promise…“Throw out the servant and her son, for the son of the servant will not inherit with the son of the free woman.”…we are not children of a servant, but of the free woman.
These concepts are more fully expounded in Rev 12 (the new spiritual woman Jerusalem) and Rev 17 (the earthly woman Jerusalem). Here, we see the overall context of the Bible coming together a little more.
In Galatians, Paul states that Abraham’s two sons, by two different women, also foreshadow the two covenants—new and old. However, he compares the covenant from Mount Sinai to Hagar and her son—the covenant of bondage. He goes on to compare Issac to the promise of the New Covenant, which is freedom and the New Jerusalem who is the mother of us all. It may be important to note here that Galatia was in Asia Minor, a heavily Gentile area. Most likely, he was speaking to a congregation that was predominately non-Jewish. He states to them that they are children of the promise of the New Covenant like Isaac.
From the context, it would seem some of the Old Covenant followers had somehow influenced this church in attempts to bind them to the Law (v21). However, Paul states to throw out the old way because it will not inherit with the son of the free woman.
This is an important concept that we still see often today. Paul is stating that the two covenants can’t coexist. The old covenant of bondage must be set aside for the new covenant of freedom in Christ Jesus! We are all children of the New Covenant, Jew and Gentile alike. As Hebrews 8:13 states:
In that he says, “A new covenant”, he has made the first old. But that which is becoming old and grows aged is near to vanishing away.
This seems to be related to the destruction of the woman of bondage, old Jerusalem. We now live as children of the new Jerusalem in the covenant of freedom!
As we celebrate our freedom today (U.S. Independence Day), let us remember that we are not children of bondage, we are children of the promise—the New Covenant of freedom!

2 thoughts on “Throw out the Old

  1. Thought I would come by and check out your site while I have the time! God bless you, John, I love your insight into this and you have it so right! I was just reading yesterday an article from a group that (religious denomination) that condemns the notions of grace and mercy excluding the law!!! This is a large organization and there are many others as well.
    Our God is a JUST God to be sure, but the Bible is clear that what pleases God is not following the law, but rather FAITH.
    Hebrews 11:6, “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”
    Think of it; the God of Creation, the One who spoke the universe and everything in it into existence is pleased by this lowly creation of clay when we believe, trust, know Him!!
    You put it into great perspective also. Your gift differs from mine, but your teaching (style and substance) has always intrigued me and I ALWAYS learn something new! This shows the Holy Spirit in action in giving of individual and varied gifts to make the Church, the Bride of Christ strong and unified!! Thank you, thank you for stopping by my blog as I asked the Lord some time back to lead those to me whom He would have me learn and be encouraged from! You are part of that promise! God bless you for your continued service (ministry) to not just us who stop by here, but to the Lord as well!!!!
    I WILL be adding your site to my Blogs Followed page! Thanks again, Brother! I look forward to more!

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    • Thanks. It’s always encouraging to hear from someone like this, especially when many others push away because of my inability to conform to their views. I state often that I most likely don’t get everything right, but I try to write what I feel God is laying on my heart. My views have changed even in the past months as he continues to lead. This blog has been sort of a public journal of my journey, though everything that has happened can’t always be put into words. I enjoy the differing views, even, and especially when, they challenge me to think outside of my preconceived notions. Thanks for stopping by and for the encouraging words!


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