Hi and Welcome. My name is John and I’m an INTP. First and foremost, I’ve come to love Jesus. Being a heavily logical and introverted thinker, this seems to be quite an odd and rare combination. I hope this site helps others similar to me and also those who would like to attempt to relate to those like me in their everyday lives (usually these are the people who rarely talk and aren’t very emotional).
A major turning point in my life came when I was sitting in the pew of a religious institution one Sunday morning in the summer of 2013. For most of my life, I knew there had to be more to a real relationship with Jesus than sitting in that pew every Sunday and upholding all of the mandates I was told to in order to be a “Christian.” I tried religiously in seeking that deeper relationship with him. On this particular Sunday, I told Jesus that no matter the cost, I wanted to develop that deeper relationship with him. He answered in a way that has grown in me exponential more than all my years of being within a congregation. At the time, I didn’t know where this would lead me and still don’t know as I only strive to follow him in each new day. Now, I hope to help others, both inside and outside of religion, to live in that freedom of a real and all-encompassing relationship with Jesus.
Lately, he has laid on my heart topics to write about or discuss with others. It would seem that as I write and read other points of view, I grow closer to God. I don’t expect agreement with everything I write. Likewise I’m sure I won’t agree with everything others present. I can see in my own writings how my heart is being changed. Perhaps the purpose God has for me to write, while making connections with others, is to further grow spiritually.
I hope you can find some relevance to your walk with him in the topics he leads me to present as I hope to also find in your viewpoints.
Thanks and enjoy!

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