Why did I become a Christian?


So, from a logical point of view, Why would I choose to follow a Being I can’t “prove”?
First, the proof exists in who I have become and those around me who see that. Of coarse this doesn’t translate well through the web, but such proof can come in many forms. Many expect physical evidence which they would place limits on as to justify their own beliefs.
However, there still had to be some sort of rationalization for me initially. I was raised in “religion” but never quite got it. The proof came to me after being outside of the religious institution for several years. I tried my way of doing things while mostly trying to ignore my upbringing as it never made and logical sense. One day, I decided to figure out if it was even remotely possible that God could exist.
Considering the Big Bang theory, the universe developed from nothing to trillions of stars and billions of galaxies in a trillionth of a trillionth of a second. This would have been instantaneous from our point of view. Nothingness becoming something on that scale would only be possible with a being such as God. For me, it would be a bigger logical leap to believe this happened from nothingness than to believe in God doing it. Therefore, I began to believe in a way the religious institutions never seemed to be able to explain.
We are only scratching the surface of scientific possibility. Likewise, as I grow closer to God, I realize just how little I know of the depth of his love and grace. That said, science and God don’t have to be mutually exclusive goals. To me, science seeks to explain the way God instituted the universe to work.