Good and Evil

A Personal Note
Lately, I’ve been in a state of sadness, not for me personally, but for those I use to be bitter against. Truthfully, knowing I was bitter towards certain people helped some, but actually having that bitterness removed was impossible by my own means. I had to just let Jesus work in me to slowly wither it all away. Now it seems all that bitterness has been, unexpectedly, replaced with sadness. I feel like my heart is broken every time the though crosses my mind of people being misled and misleading others by the ways they present God. This has been a large part of the burden on my heart lately. However, this does place me in a better position to love those same people instead of the bitterness I use to have towards them.

Good and Evil
Sometimes it feels like we’re looking at things from the wrong angles. The Holy Spirit has to continually nudge me on this personally. We continue to define good and evil by our human viewpoint instead of trusting Father. It seems we categorize every action as good or bad, black or white, without ever stopping to consider the hurting, confused, and/or angry people caught up in these situations.

We’re still eating from the Tree of Knowledge.

We even categorize God’s actions, who is pure light, into our human conceptions of good and evil. We use all kinds of references to justify our stances. “God’s love and wrath are two sides of the same coin.” We scramble together words that only confuse to attempt to defend God as good. In turn, we don’t trust that all of God’s actions are good, because they come from the source of all goodness. If we try to justify why God did “bad” things, we defer to a humanistic view of good and evil.

We continue to eat of the Tree of Knowledge.

God is good and all that he created is good. Therefore, any action he takes, or seems to allow, is for our good. I know this can be a hard pill to swallow because we still want to define “good and bad.” Somehow, if we can categorize the two, we can justify our stances. We can then, based on these good/bad things we witness, determine who is good and going to heaven, and who is bad and going to hell.

We continue to eat of the Tree of Knowledge.

How do we know what to do? Maybe we just follow the Holy Spirit.

How do we know who is good or bad? Maybe we just follow the Holy Spirit.

How do we know who to trust? Maybe we just follow the Holy Spirit.

Maybe, just maybe, we stop eating from the Tree of Knowledge, and we start eating from The Tree of Life—we start partaking in the life and love of Jesus.

The Bible – Part 2: The Choice


God established Adam and Even in a relationship of love. However, for it to be real love, there had to be a choice to return it. Love cannot be forced otherwise it is no longer love and instead obligation. The same with us relating to God today. If that choice is manipulated or forced, we attempt to relate to God by what we do right while avoiding what we deem wrong instead of just being in love with God and trusting him.
When God instructed Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree, they seemed to have no problem following his instructions at first. When the serpent showed up, he mixed words to convince them to try to relate to God by their efforts and definitions. The tree presented this choice–relate to God by love and trust his definition of good and evil, or eat from the tree and attempt to do it by our own means.
I use to think I wouldn’t have made the same choice Adam and Eve did. Hindsight is 20/20 right? However, my choices to attempt to uphold “righteousness” by my efforts showed I was continuing to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. I was being fed a steady diet of “this is right and that is wrong.” Even today, we attempt to define what is right and wrong and impose that as the way to God instead of existing in that love relationship that shows others to Jesus. Did Adam and Eve eat from the tree to intentionally be evil? I don’t think this was the case. It seems they ate to know what good and evil was so they could avoid evil and uphold good to attempt to please God more. However, our ways of pleasing God never work.
Yes, Adam and Eve committed an offense and had to suffer the physical ramifications for that. Also they died spiritually when they chose their way over God’s. Today, we still try to relate to God as they did. While our sin has been paid for and we have been made alive spiritually, we still see the physical consequences of our “right” choices in ourselves and the world today.